Change Log

Version 1.2 : 23/09/2014

This was a very large update to Easy Email For Mandrill, incorporating some requested features such as bulk sending and support for Mandrill templates.

  • Update: You can now send as many emails as you want in one request.
  • Update: After each email you will receive a unique ID from Mandrill that you can use to track the email later.
  • Update: You can now set the from name rather than your email address.
  • Update: To names are now supported to set a recipients actual name when sending an email.
  • Update: To names are now supported to set a recipients actual name when sending an email.
  • Update: The status of a sent email is now returned so you can see if an email is sent or queued.
  • Update: If an email is rejected by Mandrill you will now get a message stating why.
  • Update: There is better error handling around some functions which will return the error from Mandrill.
  • Update: You can now request email statistics from Mandrill, showing informaion such as clicks and opens.
  • Update: Mandrill Template support including:
    • Creating Templates
    • Updating Templates
    • Publish Templates
    • Deleting Templates
    • Retreive Templates

Version 1.1 : 04/11/2013

This release has some bug fixes in to allow Easy Email to be more stable.

  • BugFix: Changed how we handle line breaks for more stability
  • Update: Updated allowed statuses due to Mandrill API update

Version 1.0 : 04/01/2013

Easy Email For Mandrill is now ready after many tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes since version 0.9.

Version 0.9 : 24/12/2012

Very close to being perfect and added the following features.

  • Advanced MailChimp Integration
  • MailChimp Templates
  • MailChimp Account Information
  • Lots of changes made to make things easier to use

Version 0.5 : 01/11/2012

This version is the initial build, we're still missing some key features but have added the following.

  • All Easy Email SMTP Features
  • Basic MailChimp Integration