Easy Email For Mandrill Features

Easy Email For Mandrill is easy to use and super flexible. It's main features are;

Send 12,000 emails per month via Mandrill for FREE

Make sending emails the easiest thing in the world by combining Easy Email with Mandrill

Send thousands of emails

Send thousands of emails with one simple request!

Quickly view who opened and clicked on your emails

Track who opens your emails and which clicks are clicked on

See how effective your emails are and make decisions that can make or break your site / app.

Add Google Analytics to your emails

Use the fantastic Google Analytics to collect vital information on your emails

Never have to worry about your mail server again!

Mandrill handles sending the emails so you don't have to

Use Mandrill / Mailchimp Templates for great looking emails

Import your Mailchimp templates for great looking emails plus use our plugin to create, update and delete templates!

Send mail via your own mail server too if you wish

All the great features of Easy Email are included too so send by MailChimp or SMTP. The choice is yours!


Everything about Easy Emails is designed to be easy. Most of our examples only need one to two simple steps to complete.

Send emails with automatic HTML conversions

Just specify the message you want to send and Easy Email will automatically upgrade

Send emails by just adding text

This makes it so easy, just add the to, from and the text you want to send. Job done!

Send emails from templates

If you're sending automated emails you can create a template so you can send the same email yet customise the content.

Send emails from templates stored online or on your server

Keep templates on your website so you can update them whenever you want. Templates on another website? No problem, you can load it over the internet.

Send emails from a database (Only need to add an connection string!)

Easy Email has built in database connectivity to allow you to load templates from a database, making it even easier to organise your templates.

If you already have a template table you can provide an SQL query otherwise we include a SQL script to create a table to store them. Either way we have an example to guide you through it.

Easy to send one email to many people

Send an email to many people all at once.

Add attachments to emails

Sending attachments is an important part of sending emails, attach invoices, products or zips with ease.

Automatic and manual email validation

You can set Easy Email to validate all addresses prior to sending. You can also manually use Easy Email to validate emails or lists of email addresses.

Support for CC, BCC, reply to and priorities

Easy Email supports the use of further email functionality.

Great examples and tutorials to get Easy Emails working

We want to make sending emails easy so we have created some great examples that should cover most situations. If you think we need more let us know.